0 KM/H
🚴 Max Speed
0.0 KM/H
Ø Avg Speed
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📍 Accuracy
0.0 KM/H
⌛ Avg Wait
⌚ Start Time
--h --m
⏱ Trip Duration
--m --s
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Online Speedometer What It Is & How It Works:

This speedometer web app is designed to provide real-time speed statistics using the built-in GPS that most devices have. It displays your speed, distance traveled, and more on your smartphone, tablet, or PC with GPS enabled.

How GPS Works:

The GPS in your device connects with satellites to pinpoint your exact location, speed, and direction, thus providing precise tracking for your movement statistics.

How To Use Online Speedometer:

  1. Ensure your device is GPS-capable.
  2. Press 'Grant Location Access' for location services.
  3. 'Try to keep screen on' prevents the screen from going dark.
  4. Use 'Start' to begin tracking and 'Stop' to end. 'Reset Data' clears current data without stopping the tracking.

Troubleshooting & Tips:

If the GPS isn’t functioning correctly, ensure your device isn’t covered or obstructed. Open areas generally provide better GPS connectivity. If facing issues, confirm your device is in GPS mode and location permissions are granted to both the browser and the webpage. Trying a different browser might also help.

Make sure you've enabled necessary permissions in your device settings for GPS access. Remember that GPS tracking can be battery-intensive, so it's advisable to start with a full charge or carry a power bank for longer rides.